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  1. questionHow do I open or import my voxel or block model into 3D?
    Occurrence How do I open or import my voxel or block model in 3D? Solution There are 3 categories of voxel/block models you may try to open or load into Discover3D- A) Native Encom (.e3d) voxels These can be directly loaded by simply drag and dropping into the 3D window. B) Standard Thi ...
  2. questionHow do I display voxel / block models on my cross-sections?
    Discover 2012 introduced the powerful ability to export voxel models as vector slices along multiple cross-sections. These vector slices are automatically associated with the cross-sections (i.e. automatically recognised and handled by the Section Manager), and comprise a polygon for each inte ...
  3. questionHow can I calculate the volume and average of a voxel model?
    Occurrence Can I calculate the volume of my Voxel Model? Can I calculate the volume for a specific assay range or lithology groups? Solution Once you have created or loaded a Voxel Model in 3D, right-click on its Workspace branch and open the Properties dialog for the model. Under the Data tab ...