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  1. questionBing Maps no longer works in the MapInfo Pro
    Occurrence Occurs on a older version of MapInfo Pro. Symptoms: 1/. Opening a workspace incorporating Bing content returns an error 2/. All Bing Maps Premium toolbar buttons (the Bing Aerial, Hybrid, Roads & Move Map To) are inactive / greyed out. 3/. All File >Tile Server Maps options are gr ...
  2. questionThe Datamine Discover 2017 (64-bit) release is now available.
    The first Datamine release of Discover (with MapInfo), version 2017, is now available! November 2017 The Datamine Discover 2017 (64-bit) release is now available. This is only available as a bundle, and it installs and licenses - Discover 2017 Discover3D 2017 (optional license - if not licen ...
  3. questionTips and Tricks in the 64-bit environment: MapInfo Discover
    Some tips to making the most of the new 64-bit environment and capabilities, particularly of MapInfo Pro. 1. I can't find my favourite/essential tools!! Try typing the name or appropriate keyword into the Tool Search at the top right of the MapInfo Discover interface: "I still cannot find t ...