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  1. questionTips and Tricks in the 64-bit environment: MapInfo Discover
    Some tips to making the most of the new 64-bit environment and capabilities, particularly of MapInfo Pro. While you are learning the new interferface, you are able to still install and run the last of the old 32bit version, 2015. Note this is no longer supported or patched. Download link 2015 32 ...
  2. questionBing Maps no longer works in the MapInfo Pro
    Occurrence Occurs on a older version of MapInfo Pro. Symptoms: 1/. Opening a workspace incorporating Bing content returns an error 2/. All Bing Maps Premium toolbar buttons (the Bing Aerial, Hybrid, Roads & Move Map To) are inactive / greyed out. 3/. All File >Tile Server Maps options are gr ...
  3. questionThe Datamine Discover 2017 (64-bit) release is now available.
    The first Datamine release of Discover (with MapInfo), version 2017, is now available! November 2017 The Datamine Discover 2017 (64-bit) release is now available. This is only available as a bundle, and it installs and licenses - Discover 2017 Discover3D 2017 (optional license - if not licen ...