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  1. questionUnable to open TAB files linking Access or Excel files in MapInfo Pro 64-bit
    Occurrence In 64-bit MapInfo Pro, I receive an error or crash when trying to open TAB files that linked to an Access or Excel file. Or MapInfo is simply crashing when trying to open a workspace. Note that if you save the XSLX file in Excel as a CSV or legacy 97-03 XLS format, these still open. ...
  2. questionTips and Tricks in the 64-bit environment: MapInfo Discover
    Some tips to making the most of the new 64-bit environment and capabilities, particularly of MapInfo Pro. This new user interface ("64bit") version was first released by Pitney Bowes in 2014, MapInfo Pro 12.5. Pitney Bowes then released a compatible Discover add in version in 2015. The Discover ...
  3. questionMapInfo New Welcome screen - how do I turn it off?
    Occurrence MapInfo Pro v17.0 introduced a new welcome page that shows while MapInfo is loading in the background. Solution You can remove the MapInfo Pro page on startup by selecting PRO>Options>Startup and then un-tick the option for Display Welcome Window.