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  1. questionDetailed tutorials and tips for using MapInfo Pro Advanced (Raster)
    Below is a very good (and growing) series of detailed MapInfo Journal articles on using the extensive capabilities of MapInfo Pro Advanced: 1. What is in Advanced? 2. An Overview of raster GIS 3. Data formats and converting data 4. Grid colouring 5. Creating a Raster 6. Downloading Landsat 8 ...
  2. questionAn introduction to the 64-bit Layout Designer.
    A very informative and useful new article on the MapInfo Pro Monthly Journal, introducing the use of the Layout Designer in the 64 bit version of MapInfo Pro: Easy Tip: Introduction to the Layout Designer
  3. questionReady to Master 64-bit? We've got you covered!
    MapInfo Pro in 64-bit is well and truly up and running! From early on in the development, our ANZ partner Critchlow have been involved in helping Pitney Bowes test the design concepts and functionality of all MapInfo Pro releases. And now that more and more MapInfo Pro users are switching ove ...