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  1. questionHow do I calculate the area of polygons in my table?
    Occurrence I want to calculate the area for each polygon region in my table, and add this to a field/column. Solution Open the Table and navigate to TABLE>Table>Modify Structure and add an field called Area of type Float. Then navigate to TABLE>Update Column. Select the Table as both ...
  2. questionHow do I select alternate rows (odd or even) from a MapInfo Professional table?
    Occurrence How do I select all even or odd numbered rows in a table? Solution Navigate to Query>Select, select the table to query from. In the 'that Satisfy' box type in the following syntax. rowid mod 2 = 0 This will select all even records. To select the odd records, simply use the Query&g ...
  3. questionExtract Point Symbol Rotation Angle to a Browser Column
    Occurence How do I extract the rotation angle from a point symbol into a specified browser field? Solution Navigate to Table>Update Column in MapInfo, select the table and field to update which needs to be a float type field. In the Value field type the following syntax: StyleAttr(ObjectInfo( ...