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  1. question Can I add custom polygon fill patterns to those available in MapInfo Pro?
    You cannot add or edit the existing fill patterns listed in MapInfo Professional polygon styles. You can create a series of objects that will imitate a fill pattern using Discover>Map Making>Apply See Thru Shading or MODIFY>Edit>Custom Patterns. You can add custom bitmaps into the C: ...
  2. questionHow do I create a custom titleblock and company logo to reuse in Scaled Output?
    The default Titleblock used by Discover is stored in - C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Encom\Discover\Config\ This can be customised, to simply register and add a company logo, or to do further customistations to the layout of the vectors and text boxes. Custom Logo To add a compa ...
  3. questionHow to restore a scaled map window size or scale to display correctly in a Layout Window
    Occurrence The Scaled Output utility enables a portion of a map window to be automatically displayed in a layout frame at a specific scale for a selected page size. The newly created map window is synchronized to the layout frame so that if the source map window is zoomed, panned or re-size ...
  4. questionHow do I modify the angle of MapInfo labels?
    Use the Discover>Map Making>Modify MI Label Angles tool.