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  1. questionHow can I transfer my GPinfo licence to another machine?
    1. Install and run the GPinfo on the DESTINATION computer and view the Encom Licence Manager. If the software doesn't directly take you to this licensing program it can be accessed from the File>Licence menu option. 2. Click on the Activate Software tab dialog and note the 7-digit Hardware ...
  2. questionGpInfo starts and displays the background ECW image, but no permits or wells are drawn.
    Solution Make sure that the folder containing GPdata1.mdb has read/write access for the user account. To check this: 1/. Open Windows Explorer and browse to the location of this file. - Under Vista and Windows 7 this will usually be C:\ProgramData\Encom\GPinfo. - Under XP this will us ...
  3. questionWhen starting GPInfo the following message appears "The Microsoft Jet database engine stopped the process because you and another user are attempting to change the same data at the same time."
    Solution Close GPinfo and check that the GPinfo.gmp file can be opened in Microsoft Access. If you get the same error message then your GPinfo.gmp file is corrupt, possibly because your computer was shutdown while it was being updated. If you don't mind losing all your custom layers, rename you ...
  4. questionGPInfo crashes every time I start it.
    Solution In Windows, click on Start > Run and enter the following text in the box: "C:\program Files\Encom\GPinfo\gpinfo" –safe . This will run GPinfo in "safe" mode which prompts you at startup whether you want to turn off all layers. Answer "Yes" to this question and if GPinfo sta ...
  5. questionWhen running GPInfo from a shared server, the message "Could not lock file" is being displayed.
    Solution Set up the GPinfo application folder on the server to have read/write access for all GPinfo users.
  6. questionHistory link on details page for Permits is shown like GPHL:URL:History:9999.
    Solution Right-click on the Permits layer in the Map Manager and choose Properties > Associations. Make sure that the History Index layer has the Map field set to "1:1".