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  1. questionHow to collect dump files for crashes
    If you are receiving a generic crash from a program, you can generate a dump file to send to support by the following steps - 1) Download this zip file - 2) Extract the files 3) Double click on the EnableDumpFiles.reg and accept th ...
  2. questionDatamine acquires the Discover suite!
    Datamine (a wholly owned subsidiary of Constellation Software Inc, TSX:CSU) is proud to announce the acquisition of Pitney Bowes’ MapInfo Discover suite. The sale includes the following solutions: Discover, Discover 3D, Discover Viewer, Discover Mobile, Discover PA, Compass Enterprise, GPi ...
  3. questionHow to transfer a software licence from one computer to another:
    To transfer a software license between computers, please select the link below appropriate to your software product: MapInfo Pro Discover Discover PA ...