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  1. questionHow do I determine the projection of a MapInfo Pro table?
    With MapInfo Discover running, in the Layer Control (Map>Layer Control), right click on the layer or map and select Show Table(s) Info the pop-up menu. This option is also available by right clicking on a layer in the Table List.
  2. questionI've added a raster image to my mapper window, but it does not appear.
    Try the following: 1/. Ensure that the map window view encompasses the raster image. Right-click in the map window, select the View Entire Layer menu option, and choose either the 'All Layers' or image name from the pull down list. Press OK. 2/. In MapInfo's Layer Control dialog, is the image ...
  3. questionI cannot remember where this table is located on my computer! How do I show a table's file location?
    In the Mapinfo Layer Control or Table List window, simply hover the cursor over any layer to open a tooltip which contains the full path to the TAB file.