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  1. questionTIF images not displaying correctly
    Occurrence I have opened TIF images and the colours are not displaying correctly in MapInfo Pro 64bit Solution Navigate to PRO>Options>MapInfo Raster Preferences. From the left hand side select Raster Formats. In this list untick the Display box for GeoTIFF images. Also select the GDA ...
  2. questionUnable to select a transparent color for a TIF image
    Occurrence I Mapinfo 15.2 or 16.0 64-bit, you have opened a TIF file via File>Open>Raster Image. When you go to the layer properties to apply a transparency, the Select Color button is disabled. Solution This bug in MapInfo Raster hijacking the previous handling of Image files in Mapin ...
  3. questionTips and Tricks moving from Surfaces to MapInfo Pro Raster
    [A] In Discover 64-bit, my MRR raster grid is not listed/recognized by Discover tools Solution Most tools support MRR files, and some will allow Field/Band selection (as ER Mapper and other formats are multibanded). If you cannot select a MRR gird file it is not yet supported in that particu ...
  4. questionDetailed tutorials and tips for using MapInfo Pro Advanced (Raster)
    There is a Get on the Grid series of MapInfo Journal articles on using the extensive capabilities of MapInfo Pro Advanced. Our Youtube channel also features a MapInfo Pro Advanced Playlist, including a number of short videos showcasing it's capabilities.
  5. questionI've added a raster or grid image to my map window, but it does not appear.
    Try the following: 1/. Ensure that the map window view encompasses the raster image. Right-click in the map window, select the View Entire Layer menu option, and choose either the 'All Layers' or image name from the pull down list. Press OK. 2/. In MapInfo's Layer Control dialog, is the image ...