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  1. questionHow do I seamlessly upgrade my Encom server licenses and users?
    See the atttached document which covers upgrading existing Encom License servers.
  2. questionError: Failed to Borrow a license from the server
    Occurrence When attempting to borrow a license from the server I receive the error "Failed to borrow a license from the server" Solution This is generally caused when the server is in a erroneous status. To check this, open the License Server Admin dialog. On here check the status code - If the ...
  3. questionUnable to connect to license server
    Occurrence I have an Encom (Discover) license server. When I start Discover or the Encom License Manager, I receive an error unable to connect to the license server. However I have checked the server name and the server is "visible" from my computer (i.e. you can see it in Windows Network explo ...
  4. questionHow do I open the Encom Network Licence Admin console and adjust settings?
    To open the Admin console for your network licence server, you can log onto to any client computer that has the Encom software product or Encom Licence client installed (Note it is recomonded NOT to edit the console on the server desktop itself, and it should always be done from a client). 1. N ...
  5. questionHow do I connect to an Encom License Server?
    Solution If your company has setup an internal Encom Licence Server, you can connect your machine to use this licence by - 1. Navigate to the Start Menu>All Programs>Encom Programs>Encom Licensing 2. Select the Current Installation tab 3. Click the Select Network Server button 4. Tick ...