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  1. questionCan I install multiple MapInfo Pro versions and run MapInfo Discover?
    With Discover/Engage 2013 or later, once you manually start the Discover.mbx application, there are no issues in having multiple MapInfo Pro versions installed. Note however that we do not support the simultaneous running of multiple instances of MapInfo Pro and MapInfo Discover. This include ...
  2. questionCan I install MapInfo Discover and Mapinfo Pro silently/unattended?
    The MapInfo Discover and MapInfo Pro installers support silent/quiet installation. The syntax is a follows - setup.exe /S /v" /qn" This requires UAC elevation, so it should only be executed from within an elevated command line prompt (known as “Run As Administrator”). The following additional ...
  3. questionError "The Activation code is invalid....."
    Occurrence 1/. Is the computer you are trying to activate the same computer used to generate the original licensing request? The License Activation codes are only valid for the computer from which the license request was generated. Please check that the computers Hardware ID code matches the a ...
  4. questionEncom fonts files are missing or black square symbols are appearing
    Occurrence After upgrading/installing Discover, the symbols such as Collar and EOH symbols on sections and certain map symbols are displaying as black Squares. Solution After installing/upgrading Encom Discover, you will need to restart Windows to complete the update of the Encom ET font files.
  5. questionWarning: The access permissions on the Discover Temp directory are read only.
    Occurrence When I start Discover, I receive an error message "Warning: The access permissions on the Discover Temp directory are read only." Solution This generally occurs when you launch 2 instances of MapInfo Discover at the same time, i.e. you accidently double click on the shortcut. No act ...
  6. questionWARNING: Your License is valid for an older software version
    Occurrence This error occurs when I start Discover or after entering the activation code I have received. Solution This error occurs when your licence is not eligible for the version you are using. You can continue to trial the new version for the remaining days, after which you will need to pu ...
  7. questionError "XXX.exe is not a valid Win32 application"
    Occurrence After downloading a installation file from Encom's website, and attempting to run the installation, this error is displayed. Solution This indicates a corrupted download file. Delete the file, and re-download. When you download make sure to click "Save As" and save the file to a local ...
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