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  1. questionDrillhole Pierce Points; a powerful way to analyze and enhance your long-sections
    Released in Discover 2014, the Create Pierce Point Layer tool (within the Section Manager) converts downhole intervals into fully-attributed MapInfo Professional Point symbols. This significantly enhances the display and analytical options for this data on long- and cross-sections, such as: A ...
  2. questionHow do I display a 3D DXF file from another application (or feature database .FDB) into a Drillhole Section?
    Solution Discover 2012 introduced the powerful 3D Vector to Section tool (accessed via the Drillholes>Section Manager>Analytical tools>Display 3D Model on Section). This allows the easy display of multiple .DXF and Discover 3D .FDB vector models onto the selected cross-sections as att ...
  3. questionHow to display high-grade intercepts on drillhole sections, and create informative labels for them.
    Occurrence Are you trying create and effectively display high-grade intercepts on your cross-sections and long-sections? Here are some pro-tips. Solution 1/. Ensure you have composited your downhole assay table with the appropriate method / parameters (using Drillholes>Downhole Composit ...