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  1. questionI cannot select my data field/column for gridding
    Occurrence When I open my table in Surfaces>Create Grid, I cannot select some of my fields to grid. Solution The create grid tool only supports numeric fields types for gridding. If you have numerical data in a Char field, you will need to change this under Table>Maintenance>Structure ...
  2. questionWhat does the Breaklines option in the Gridding tool do?
    The breakline feature in the Gridding tool allows the easy introduction of interpretive data points into the gridding process, without modifying the original dataset. Users can then enhance terrain trends such as ridge lines, valleys and rivers that are not well sampled in the data. For example ...
  3. questionWhat do the “Near” and “Far” parameters of the “Clip to input area” section of the Gridding Tool > Output tab represent?
    The “Clip to input area” will clip a grid back to the area covered by the input data. You would only use this when you create a grid using data which is in an irregular shape (i.e. not square) and the gridding method (eg. triangulation) has interpolated over large empty gaps. Whe ...