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  1. questionError: “No Sections or Plans to Add to Layout Window”
    Occurrence A number of sections are open, but upon clicking the “Add Section to Layout” this error occurs. Solution Firstly, ensure the project is open by selecting Drillholes>Project Manager, and then click Open. Then simply close and re-open the sections use the Drillholes ...
  2. questionMy drillhole plans don't appear in the Add Section to Layout tool.
    Plan sections are not supported in the Add Section to Layout tool, only vertical sections can be plotted. Drillhole plans can be printed using the standard Scaled Output tool to generate a plot.
  3. questionHow do I customise the page frame size in Drillholes>Add Section to layout?
    Solution The frame sizes availble are determined by those available in the Discover Scaled Output tool. To create a custom frame size navigate to Discover>Scaled Output>Config and create a custom frame, which then can used in the Drillhole Module Add Section to Layout tool.
  4. questionSelecting the "Add Plan of Collars to Layout" option in the Drillholes > Add Section to Layout dialog produces a blank ‘plan of Collars’ map.
    Occurrence This could due to a number of possible issues. When a collar plan is created the layers are rotated so the section line is displayed horizontally. If there are other tables such as raster images or projection differences or strange table bounds all of these may have an effect on the ...