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  1. questionWhat tips are there for digitizing in MapInfo Professional
    Solution MapInfo Professional has a number of editing modes which may assist you in digitizing. To toggle using these functions when digitizing, use the following keys - S = Snap T = Autotrace N = Autonode e.g. a free hand polyline Also note that any closed polyline can be converted to a polygo ...
  2. questionIs there a free viewer for my MapInfo Professional maps?
    There is a free MapInfo Proviewer available which can be downloaded from here. Note this will not open surface grid files created / opened with Discover; these will first need to be converted into the MIG format using Discover's Surfaces>Grid Utilities>Convert menu option.
  3. questionHow do I insert a carriage return or new line when creating a label?
    The syntax for a carriage return ('new line') in MapBasic is Chr$(13) or Chr$(10). E.g. Field1 + Chr$(13) + Field2 For example, to create a label of the HoleID with the Auppm measurement below, use the following syntax HoleID + Chr$(13) + Auppm
  4. questionWhen I combine my objects there style is lost
    Occurrence This is a known issue in MapInfo Pro 10.5. Solution There is a new step required to preserve the style - 1. Select an object with the correct style to preserve 2. Select Objects>Set Target 3. Select all objects you wish to combine 4. Select Objects>Combine 5. Select Objects> ...
  5. questionHow do I select alternate rows (odd or even) from a MapInfo Professional table?
    Occurrence How do I select all even or odd numbered rows in a table? Solution Navigate to Query>Select, select the table to query from. In the 'that Satisfy' box type in the following syntax. rowid mod 2 = 0 This will select all even records. To select the odd records, simply use the Query&g ...
  6. questionMapInfo Professional ODBC Error on startup
    Occurrence On starting MapInfo Pro, I receive an error message starting with "ODBC Error: ...." Solution This error occurs when MapInfo is unable to connect to the default ODBC database connection. Navigate to Options>Preferences>Startup, there will be a Default DBMS Connection and eithe ...
  7. question How do I select points or objects from a layer that lie within polygons or another layer?
    Occurrence I wish to select all the points (or any other objects) in a table that lie within the polygon regions in another table, such as collars or sample points within a tenement boundary. Solution You can use the Boundary Select tool, found on the MapInfo Pro Drawing toolbar. Alternativel ...
  8. questionLayout window frames are blank or not refreshing
    Occurrence When I zoom in or out, the layout window appears blank or is corrupted. Solution In MapInfo Pro 9.5.1 or later, go to Options->Preferences->Styles and turn on 'enable enhanced rendering'. We also recommend turning on Anti-Aliasing. You can correct existing open layouts, by goi ...
  9. questionMapInfo crashes when modifying text objects
    Occurence After creating a MapInfo text object into either a table or Cosmetic layer and subsequently trying to modifying the text by double clicking on the text object, MapInfo crashes. Solution This issue is related to the installation of Spybot software, this doesn't occur on all machines loa ...
  10. questionHow can I add more points symbols to MapInfo Professional?
    MapInfo Pro use points symbols as either Font Files (from C:\Windows\Fonts\) or Custom Symbol image icons. These are stored under - C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\MapInfo\MapInfo\Professional\XXX\CustSymb A user can add/edit these.
  11. questionHow can a MapInfo MIG surface grid's appearance be modified?
    Solution The MIG grid (MapInfo Continuous Grid) is primarily used for the MapInfo Professional's Thematic Grids. It is not recommended to use this grid format for gridded data. Surface grids open in MapInfo Professional with Discover can be modified in two ways, either - 1) Discover>Surface ...
  12. questionHow do I query the vector object types (e.g. point, polyline, polygon) in a layer?
    Solution If you have a TAB file with associated vector objects map, you may wish to interrogate the properties of the vector objects in the map layer. To display this information in the Browser view - 1) Open a new browser for the vector layer 2) Right click in the browser and select Pick Field ...
  13. questionHow can I add a unique number to identify each record in a browser?
    In Discover 10.0 you can use the Table Utilities->Add Unique Identifier tool. Not only does this automatically increment each record by a user-specified value (e.g. 1, 5 10 or -2), but it allows the user to add a prefix and/or suffix to each record. If you have an older version of Disc ...
  14. questionI've added a surface grid or raster image to my mapper window, but it does not appear!
    Try the following: 1/. Ensure that the map window view encompasses the surface grid. Right-click in the map window, select the View Entire Layer menu option, and choose either the 'All Layers' or grid name from the pull down list. Press OK. 2/. In MapInfo's Layer Control dialog, is the grid ti ...
  15. questionMy data appears as a single point in the map window
    Occurrence When I open the map window after I have created points from my data table, the points appear in a single point in the center of the map window. Solution This occurs when there is a mis-match between the projection of the point data and the projection of the table's map. Check the pr ...
  16. questionMapInfo is crashing when a layout window is open
    Occurrence MapInfo Professional repeatedly crashes when a layout window is opened. Solution This is usually caused due to an error with the Layout window, which attempts to communicate with the printer drivers. This can occur, for example, when a network printer is not connected. Check your def ...
  17. questionHow do I save or restore the scale/extents/position of a map window linked to a layout window/frame object?
    The Frame Object in a Layout Window is dynamically linked to its source mapper window. Zooming or resizing this mapper window will have a direct impact on the Frame Object view. If you intend altering the mapper window scaling or extents (for example, in order to zoom in and resize labels or ch ...
  18. questionHow do I populate a field with a series of random numbers?
    To populate a numeric field (i.e. Float, Decimal or Integer type) with random numbers (e.g. values between 0 and 100), use the Table> Update Column tool (ensure that the table is editable i.e. in a native MapInfo format)). Set the target table in the Table to Update area, and the target field ...
  19. questionMapInfo returns an error on startup and fails to load.
    See the following MapInfo Knowledge Base article for suggestions to resolving this issue:
  20. questionHow do I display the cartographic scale of a map window?
    Solution The scale of the current map window can be displayed in an info area at the bottom left corner of the MapInfo window: If this is displaying co-ordinates or a zoom width, right-click on the info area and choose Map Scale: By default MapInfo presents the Map Scale as above (e.g. 1cm = ...
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