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  1. questionMy image appears blurred
    Occurrence When I open my grid or raster image and zoom in, the pixels appear blurred and smoothed Solution This is controlled by MAP>Map Options>Smooth Images. Simply set this to None.
  2. questionHow can a Vertical Mapper's grid appearance be modified?
    Occurrence I have created a Vertical Mapper grid with Vertical Mapper, or via conversion in Discover, but it opens as a Raster Layer and I cannot modify its appearance. Solution Vertical Mapper displays grids as a raster image rather than a grid image by default. To Enable it to be Modified by ...
  3. questionHow can a MapInfo MIG surface grid's appearance be modified?
    Solution The MIG grid (MapInfo Continuous Grid) is primarily used for the MapInfo Professional's Thematic Grids. It is not recommended to use this grid format for gridded data. Surface grids open in MapInfo Professional with Discover can be modified in two ways, either - 1) Discover>Surface ...
  4. questionHow can I set a surface grid data range to display transparent?
    Occurrence The Surfaces>Modify Grid Display tool allows the transparency of an entire grid to be set. But how can I set only a particular data range of a grid to be transparent? Solution You will need to select the option other then Full Grid; so you can clip by Value, Percentage or Percent ...