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  1. questionWhat happens if the scan is taking longer than I thought and I want to start MapInfo Pro?
    You can start your MapInfo Pro session without impacting your Compass Scout scan. Compass Scout will be aware that you have started MapInfo Pro and will immediately pause the scan until you close MapInfo Pro again. Compass Scout will then re-commence at the point the scan was paused.
  2. questionWhat if I have TAB files in my excluded list that appear to be OK and should be in my catalogue?
    These files can be manually moved back into your catalogue by selecting the dataset in the excluded list, right-clicking and selecting Include.
  3. questionWhat is spatial searching?
    Compass Scout uses the bounding extents of an active mapper window in MapInfo Professional to return a list of datasets from the personal Compass Catalogue that either overlap or lie entirely within the mapper extents.
  4. questionCan I move files in the catalogue to the excluded list?
    Yes. If you find that Compass Scout has catalogued a number of temporary files, or files that are not relevant to your work, these files can be manually excluded from your catalogue. This is done by selecting the dataset in the list, right-clicking and selecting Exclude.
  5. questionWhen I look in the log file, I can see error messages such as, "GetTableAttributesException **: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation". What do these mean?
    While performing a system scan, Compass Scout logs each entry, successful or not, into a log file. It is possible to view the log file to review the scanning process. If the files have not been successfully catalogued and have been excluded, the log file will record the error message from MapInf ...
  6. questionI have multiple mapper windows open. If I perform a spatial search, how do I know which mapper window the search was done from?
    If a spatial search is performed, Compass Scout retrieves the MapInfo Professional mapper name and displays this in the Compass Scout title bar.
  7. questionWhy does my machine make a lot of noise and appear to have many dialog boxes opening and closing when it is performing a scan?
    When performing a scan, Compass Scout creates an instance of MapInfo Professional to extract the bounding coordinates of each dataset. Unfortunately, some files have problems and will make MapInfo Professional display an error message. While Compass Scout will attempt to suppress the error messa ...
  8. questionWhat are excluded files?
    When Compass Scout performs a scan to find MapInfo Professional datasets on your machine, it also extracts the spatial extents. If during the task of opening the MapInfo TAB file, Compass Scout experiences an error, the file is flagged and placed into the excluded file list.
  9. questionI have started Compass Scout, but the scan will not start.
    It is more than likely you have MapInfo Professional open. To ensure that the process does not impact on the performance of your session, Compass Scout will not perform a system scan with MapInfo Pro open. Compass Scout will automatically start the scan within 1 minute of closing MapInfo Profess ...
  10. questionWhat other information does Compass Scout collect when performing the system scan?
    Metadata such as date created, date modified, MapInfo Professional file type (raster or native), folder location and coordinate system information (Earth, Non-Earth or none).
  11. questionWhat is AutoSearch?
    The AutoSearch function enables the document list within Scout to be dynamically updated each time you zoom in or out or pan within a mapper window.
  12. questionHow does Compass Scout spatially search?
    During a system scan, Compass Scout extracts the bounding coordinates (spatial footprint) of each MapInfo Professional dataset and records this information in the personal Compass Catalogue (maxX, minX, maxY and minY). Compass Scout can then extract the spatial extents from a selected MapInfo Pr ...
  13. questionWhat is Compass Scout?
    Compass Scout is the entry level program for the Compass data management suite of products and is designed to manage personal MapInfo Professional datasets. Compass Scout creates, populates and maintains a personal catalogue of MapInfo Professional datasets which reside on your local machine. On ...