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  1. questionMapInfo PDF printer output quality is poor
    Occurrence In the MapInfo 64bit new layout, the output quality of PDFs is poor. Solution Vector export from the layout window was removed in the new layout window, which is causing this issue. It can be improved if you try enabling this option in the MapInfo PDF Printer -
  2. questionPrinting Drillhole Logs displays at correct scale
    Occurrence In the Discover Log (strip) display tool, a depth to mm/cm scale can be specified. Also in the Display Downhole data tool, linegraphs can be specified a units to mm/cm. How do I print these to preserve the correct mm/cm scale? Solution For Log (strip) display, then you should print th ...
  3. questionHow do I set or change the scale for a layout window to print?
    In Mapinfo Professional, I wish to create a printed map at a defined scaled. The Discover Scaled output tool automates this process, however this can be done manually. To do this - 1. Select Window>New Layout Window 2. Select to Create a frame for the desired map window 3. In the Layout windo ...
  4. questionMapInfo generated layered PDF contains no layers - how do I print a layered PDF?
    Occurrence How do I print a PDF document that contains layers representing my map or layout window layers. Solution MapInfo Professional 10.0 introduced layered PDF printing support. This means any layers contained in a Map or Layout Window, will be printed into separate layers in a PDF file. H ...
  5. questionRotated Text objects appear black when printed.
    If MapInfo is being operated under a terminal services environment when printing in either hardcopy or PDF rotated text will appear as a solid fill. This is caused if the Windows default printer is set to a non–compatible citrix/terminal services printer. To resolve: - Change the windows default ...