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  1. questionHow do I create a custom affine projection or local mine/sample grid to use in MapInfo?
    Occurrence: I need to view both my local mine grid data and real earth data in the one mapper window. Traditionally many people use a simple Non-Earth (metres) coordinate system to display local mine gridded data, or data from a sampling grid in a project area. Creating a custom affine project ...
  2. questionHow do I change a projection for a layer which is misregistered (without changing coordinates)?
    Occurrence Vector objects such as Lines, Polylines or Polygons have been digitised into the incorrect projection. In this case, reprojection does not work, as the object coordinates will change (move). For example the vector object may have been created in the incorrect UTM Zone, or the wrong ...
  3. questionWhat is the Popular Visualisation projection?
    From : "Popular Visualisation CRS / Mercator is a projected CRS last revised on 03/14/2008 and is suitable for use in World between 85°S and 85°N. Popular Visualisation CRS / Mercator uses the Popular Visualisatio ...
  4. questionHow do I reproject my data?
    Discover provides a number of different Reprojection Utilities, depending on the type of data to be transformed. Each of these tools will create a copy of the data in the specified output projection, typically with a default _reproject suffix added to the input file name. These tools are inval ...
  5. questionHow do I determine the projection of a mapper window?
    Right click in the mapper window and select the Current Mapper Projection from the pop-up menu.
  6. questionWhat are the "\pXXXX" codes at the end of a projection name?
    The "\pXXXX" numeric codes that appear at the end of projection names in some projection selection dialogs are the corresponding EPSG code for the projection. These are used by Encom Discover tools when converting MapInfo projections to corresponding ERMapper projections.