How can I adjust the colour mapping of a grid to view more detail?

Encom PA has the ability to stretch the colours in a grid (using a dynamic histogram equalisation) within a data zoomed area of an image window. This is particularly useful where small, low amplitude features are important. To enable the dynamic colour stretching, select the top Grid Group branch of the Grid Group Properties dialog. Select the check box to Adjust colour scale dynamically to operate this feature.

Another option available is to use the Advanced Colour Mapping option in the Grid Group Properties dialog when the Colour branch is highlighted (see below).

This will display the Advanced Colour mapping dialog. Selec the User defined option from the Data Transform drop-down list and manually manipulate the colour stretch by selecting and moving the nodes that appear on both the histogram and the vertical/horizontal colour frequencies (see below).


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Last Updated on: 10th of August, 2007