How can I create a Located Image file from a 2D map display?

This option can also be found in the pop-up menu when you right mouse click on the Map branch of the workspace tree for a 2D Map. The option to “Save As Located Image…” will save multiple layers displayed in the 2D map window as one layer (similar to the Raster option) but can also apply a Z scale to this image based on a grid surface (e.g. DTM).

To create this surface, in the Located Image Settings dialog that appears specify an .EGB file to save the located image as, and then the image resolution and file format. To offset the image to a grid surface, select the Surface option for the Geometry and load a grid file that is to be used for the offset. Instead of creating a raster image this creates a georeferenced image which can be loaded into a 3D display as a Located Bitmap Surface (4th button on the Surface Properties dialog.


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Last Updated on: 10th of August, 2007