Connecting to a ASUS MyPal A6xx-series with integrated GPS


Note: these options are for Windows Mobile 6.0 Classic

1/. Under Start>Settings>System>External GPS>Programs – set the GPS Program Port to None

2/. Under Start>Settings>System>External GPS>Hardware -  set the GPS Hardware Port to COM5 and Baud Rate to 4800

3/. Under Start>Settings>System>External GPS>Access – clear (deselect) the tick box for Manage GPS automatically

Another tip is:

Under Start>Settings>Connection>Beam - clear (deselect) the tick box for Receive all incoming beams

Then start up Discover Mobile. Under Go>GPS>Setup Connection, set the GPS Port to COM5 and Baud Rate to 4800. Now connect to the GPS using Go>GPS>Connect.

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Last Updated on: 15th of August, 2007