MapInfo Discover does not start when opening MapInfo Pro


This can occur via either:

1/. After installing
MapInfo Discover or when another user logs onto the computer loaded with MapInfo Discover the software
fails to automatically start when opening MapInfo Pro.

2/. After upgrading then starting MapInfo Pro,
MapInfo Discover does not open.

How do I start
MapInfo Discover and enable MapInfo Discover to open automatically?


To start
MapInfo Discover automatically, open MapInfo Pro and navigate to Tools>Run MapBasic Program
Using the dropdown menu located adjacent to the ‘Look in:’ window, navigate to the folder where the MapInfo Discover application has been installed.

By default
MapInfo Discover will install to C:\Program Files (x86)\Encom\Discover.
Select the MapBasic file called ‘Discover’ and click ‘Open’.

Upon first running,
MapInfo Discover will add itself to the MapInfo Tool Manager as 'Discover XXXX' and be set as Autoload. You can check this under Tools>Tool Manager.

NOTE: It is required to run
MapInfo Discover through the Tools menu for each new user,  as MapInfo Pro creates all the registry entries for the MapInfo Tools under each user name rather than in the machine registry entries.

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