The Info Tool window does not display when I click on a map object


When an object is selected in the map window using the Info Tool button, the Info Tool window may on
occasion not appear to be visible on the screen. Generally this is observed when the Info tool window is
open and a workspace is saved on a desktop computer that is running dual screens and the same
workspace is then re-opened on a computer running a single screen such as a laptop. If the Info Tool
window was actually located on the second screen when the workspace was saved, when it is
re-opened on a single screen computer the actual Info Tool window is lurking somewhere out of the
field-of-view. This can also happen as a result of the screen resolution for a machine being recently
changed to a lower resolution.




1.                  Open the workspace into MapInfo.


2.                  Select the Info Tool and click on a map object.


3.                  Choose File>Save Workspace.


4.                  Open the saved workspace file in a text editor such as WordPad or NotePad. Browse to the
Set Window Info line and note the three sub-lines: Position, Width and Font.


5.                  In the Position sub-line change the coordinates to (1,1)

6.                  Save the .WOR file and re-open the workspace in MapInfo. The Info Tool window should now
be re-positioned where it can be viewed on your screen.

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Last Updated on: 22nd of August, 2007