I cannot open my ER Mapper image as a grid file


ER Mapper header files (.ERS) can be linked to a number of data file formats including ECW or TIFF raster images. You will need to first convert these to a
ER Mapper Raster Dataset before importing into Discover.


1/. Open the ER Mapper file (.ERS) in ER Viewer and use File>Save As to save it as a 'ER Mapper Raster Dataset'.  This should produce 2 files; an .ERS file and a data file (with no file extension).

2/. In  MapInfo Professional, use File>Open>Grid Image to select the converted file. 
During the import procedure you may have to choose a MapInfo Coordinate System that matches the reported ER Mapper Coordinate system and Datum of the converted file.

3/. This imported grid file can now be manipulated with the tools in the Surfaces Menu

Note: TIFF files can be opened by simply File>Open>Raster Image, and ECW file should be opened by Discover>Import or Export>ECW/JP2 Import

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Last Updated on: 13th of August, 2013