How do I register an Image when my control points are in a different projection to the one required?


For example, an old map or field control points are in latitude-longitude WGS84 (degrees) but you want to display and work with the image in UTM GDA94 Zone 55 (meters).


You will have to follow a 2 step process to produce an image in the desired projection:

1\. Rectify Image

Use the Discover->Images->Rectify Image tool to rectify the image into the projection of the known control points (e.g lat/long WGS84 from example above)

2.\ Reproject Image

Use the Images->Reproject Image to then reproject the rectified image from the its projection (WGS84 in example) to the desired projection (e.g. GDA94 Zone 55).

Note: change the default output name of the Reproject tool to a more concise name, rather than inputimage_rectified_reproject

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Last Updated on: 23rd of April, 2008