How do I convert a polygon vector file to a gridded surface?


If I have point or contour line data, the Surfaces->Create Grid tool produces good results.
But for polygons with attributes - how do I create an accurate grid?


If you have a native MapInfo polygon file, with polygon regions attributed by a discrete numeric value
field, you can assign these to a blank or existing grid.

First open the Surfaces>Grid Utilities->Overlay tool.  At the top right of the dialog click the red
square button to create a new blank grid.  Enter the appropriate registration coordinates and projection
for the area.  Assign a Fixed Z value (default is 0). Alternatively, open an existing grid to overlay the
values onto.

Then in the Overlay utility, select the polygon vector file.  Select Overlay Value From Field and choose
the appropriate field from the polygon table. The background value can be from the existing grid, set
to Null or other value.

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Last Updated on: 24th of December, 2008