How do I get Compass Enterprise to Work Offline?


You wish to search the Compass Catalogue whilst disconnected to a Network Service.
How do I create an Offline Catalogue?


If you work offline, you must install SQL Express (recommended) or SQL Server on your local machine.

You can create an offline Catalogue with a selection of files on your local computer using the

Make Available Offline Wizard.

1/. Make a selection of documents from a catalogue.

2/. In the Navigation task pane, click Selection Summary.

3/. Right-click anywhere inside the Main window, and then click Make Available Offline to start the wizard.

Using the Make Available Offline Wizard

1/. Select Local SQL Server Instance.  Select the instance on which you want to create the
offline Compass catalogue.

2/. SQL Server Authentication.  This enables connection to a local SQL Server using either
Windows Authentication or SQL Authentication.

3/. Select Directory.  Choose an existing folder or create a new folder where you wish the offline
Compass catalogue to copy the selected files as well the Catalogue.

4/. Create Offline Catalogue.  Click "Create". The files will then be copied. When completed,
you can click "View Log" to view a report of the operations performed.

If an offline Compass Catalogue exists the Work Offline menu item will be available on the main File menu.

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