How do I change my company name?


How do I change my company name that appears in the MapInfo/Discover window title , and in the Encom License manager?


You will need to manually delete the licence files to reset your company name.

Firstly make sure to transfer your license to another machine or return it to us (see the related articles).

Next navigate to -


Note that these are hidden folders, and you need to either type the location in the address bar or select -

Organize>Folder and Search Options 

And select the View tab, then select Show Hidden files and folders.

Delete any ETDISK.SEC files present in the directory.

Then start Discover and you will be prompted to enter a new company name and ten to re-activate the license.

Note that there is also a company setting under Discover>Configuration>Settings - this is used in the Scaled Output tool's titleblocks as the default company name.

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03rd October 2017 12:43:35 pm