How can a Vertical Mapper's grid appearance be modified?


I have created a Vertical Mapper grid with Vertical Mapper, or via conversion in Discover, but it opens as a Raster Layer and I cannot modify its appearance.


Vertical Mapper displays grids as a raster image rather than a grid image by default.
To Enable it to be Modified by Discover or MapInfo Professional you will need to toggle the option Surface>Import Grid File>Toggle Support for Vertical Mapper Grid.
You should also enable the option Surfaces>Grid Handler Preferences>Allow Colour Table Writing to Grid

Once this is toggled it will be opened as a grid layer and you can modify it by using either -

1) Discover>Surfaces>Modify Grid Display

2) Map>Modify Thematic Map>Styles

Note that if you modify it using Discover, it may appear slightly different in MapInfo Pro without Discover installed.
If you wish to ensure it appears identical without Discover installed, use the Modify Thematic Map control.

If you wish to edit the grid again in Vertical Mapper simply toggle the Import Grid File>Toggle Support for Vertical Mapper Grid option again.

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Last Updated on: 20th of April, 2009