Index Maps in a Compass Enterprise Catalogue


Index maps are used in Compass Enterprise to define and assist users with spatial searching and spatial referencing of documents.


Index maps of the following types can be added:
CadCorp (.SWD)
MapInfo  (.TAB or .WOR)
ArcMap  (.LYR or .MXD)

Note: MapInfo .WOR (workspace) files must only contain a single mapper window
MapInfo and ArcMap index maps can only be viewed in the Compass catalogue if the respective application software is installed on the local computer. CadCorp index maps are, however, supported on all Compass installations.

Managing an Index Map

1/. On the Task menu, click the Maintenance button.

2/. In the Task pane, expand the Database branch, and then click Index Maps.
The maps available are displayed in the Index Maps panel on the Manage tab. You can use the following methods to add, edit, order, hide and remove maps:

         • To add a map, right-click and select Add Index Map Entry. Locate the map and click OK
         • To delete a map, select the map, and then right-click and select Remove Index Map Entry
         • To hide a map, clear the Visible check box next to the map name. 
         • To change the display order, select a map and then use the up and down arrows to change its position.

3/. To view and edit CadCorp index maps, and create overlays, select the index map in the Manage tab, and then click the Edit tab.
You can add any combination of overlays in a variety of file formats, apply styles, themes and zoom layering with the Overlays tool.

4/. Click Apply.

Note: Only CadCorp .SWD files can be edited in Compass Commander. Other index map types must be edited in the native application.

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