Unable to make ODBC/DBMS Table mappable


I have created an ODBC connection and successfully opened a DBMS Table.
When I navigate to Table>Maintenance>Make DBMS Table Mappable I receive either the error:

"The table you have chosen cannot be made mappable. To be made mappable, a table must contain a spatial column or at least two numeric columns"

Along with either

"Could not find output table 'MAPINFO_MAPCATALOG"


"Unable to download only the OBJECT from a DBMS table. Select an additional attribute column"


1. Ensure you have created a MAPINFO_MAPCATALOG table in the source database. To create this database table navigate to Tools>Tool Manager>DBMS Catalog or Tools>Tool Extensions>MapInfo Easyloader.

Note that you will need to be logged into the Database with a Administrator account for the database, so you can create the table.

2. After creating the database table MAPINFO_MAPCATALOG you will need to recreate any DBMS Table TAB file created. Simply close the table, then use File>Open and select the table from the ODBC or local machine database. When prompted select Yes to overwrite the existing TAB file for the table. The table will now be made mappable.

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