How do I connect Discover Mobile to my NMEA GPS?


To connect to a standard GPS unit (outputting the NMEA protocol):

1/. If using an external GPS, ensure that it is running and connected to your PDA/mobile device
(e.g. if connecting via Bluetooth, ensure a connection is established through the Bluetooth Manager)

2/. Ensure no other GPS software is running on your mobile device. Generally only one application can
utilise the GPS communication port at a time, so if another application is already connected to your GPS,
Discover Mobile may not be able to connect to the GPS.

3/. Start Discover Mobile. Select Go>Preferences, and set the GPS Protocol (first option under
GPS>Connection) to NMEA. Press OK

4/. Select Go>GPS>Setup Connection y
ou will need to manually select at least the basic first 2 settings. If it is a WM6 device you can check the COM Port and Baud rate to use under Start>Settings>System>GPS, on the Hardware tab (Discover Mobile does NOT use the system setting).  Specific settings for the device are usually found in the device's documentation.

5/. Once these settings are set, press the Start button at the bottom of the screen. After a valid
connection is established (up to about 30 seconds), a continuous NMEA data stream should be
displayed (each line will start with '$GP….')  indicating a successful connection with the receiver
looking similar to the following:
Example of Setup Connection dialog with a valid GPS connection

6/. If uncertain about the receiver's settings, or the data stream fails to appear, or a message 'Bad
Data' is displayed, the settings are incorrect. Try pressing the
Scan button at the bottom of the dialog;
Discover Mobile will run through every permutation of settings attempting to establish a connection to
your GPS receiver.

7/. Once a valid data stream from the GPS is displayed, press the Stop button. Make a note of the
various settings for future reference, and close the dialog. These settings will be automatically retained
unless Discover Mobile is reinstalled or the settings are changed (for instance if a different GPS
receiver is used).

8/. Select the Go>GPS>Connect menu option to connect to the GPS receiver. Once the receiver has
found sufficient valid satellites (use
Go>GPS>Monitor Satellite Status to observe the current
visible satellites), a current position fix will be displayed. A 'GPS – Fix 2D' or 'GPS – Fix 3D' message
will be displayed at the top of the map window.

9/. Discover Mobile is now ready for data capture.

Note: After this initial GPS connection setup, the user only has to enable the Go>GPS>Connect
option to reconnect to the same GPS receiver (assuming that the connection settings discussed in
step 4 have not been altered).

Note: Further detailed information and connection trouble shooting tips are contained in the Discover Mobile
User Guide.

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Last Updated on: 5th of October, 2009