How do I connect Discover Mobile to my Trimble GPS or DGPS receiver?


Trimble's high precision receivers (e.g. the GeoExplorer series of integrated mobile device and
receiver's) and DGPS receivers (e.g. the ProXT) utilize Trimble's proprietary TSIP protocol. To setup
a connection with a receiver using this protocol:

1. Under the Go>Preferences menu option, ensure that the GPS Protocol is set to Trimble.

2. If necessary, turn on the GPS, and check that it is connected correctly to the mobile device (via the
appropriate cables or connections, e.g. a Bluetooth or serial port connection). See the Connection
section of the Discover Mobile User Guide for further information.

3. Ensure that no other third party GPS software is running on the mobile device; most mobile device
will only allow one software application to access the GPS communication port at a time.

4. Either via Go>Preferences>Connection>Setup, or via Go>GPS>Setup Connection, open the
GPS setup screen. Set the required communication port that the receiver is connected to (e.g. Bluetooth
or serial port). Certain devices (such as Trimble GeoExplorer units running Windows Mobile 2005)
have a GPS Connector (or similar) application (under Start>Settings>Connections) which clearly
identify the COM ports for the GPS receiver (and the various protocols).

Trimble's GPS Connector application
5. The various Masks available in this dialog allow poor satellite data to be filtered out (e.g. satellites
low on the horizon, or those resulting in a high signal-to-noise ratio), improving the precision on the
position fix. These are discussed fully under the Trimble Protocol section of the Preferences menu
section of the Discover Mobile User Guide.

6. These settings will be automatically retained unless Discover Mobile is reinstalled or the settings are
changed (for instance if a different GPS receiver is used).

7. Select the Go>GPS>Connect menu option to connect to the GPS receiver. Once the receiver has
found sufficient valid satellites (use Go>GPS>Monitor Satellite Status to observe the current visible
satellites), a current position fix will be displayed. A 'GPS – Fix 2D' or 'GPS – Fix 3D' message will be
displayed at the top of the map window.

8. Discover Mobile is now ready for data capture.

Note: After this initial GPS connection setup, the user only has to enable the Go>GPS>Connect option
to reconnect to the same GPS receiver (assuming that the connection settings discussed in step 4
have not been altered).

Note: Further detailed information and connection trouble shooting tips are contained in the Discover Mobile
User Guide (Chapter 7: Working with GPS)

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