How do I increase the precision of a Map Window?

In Mapinfo Professional, by the default World projection is bounded by +/- 1000. Note, this only applies to Lat/Lon or other World projections. This works out, the precision of 0.000001 of a degree (about 100 millimetres) (regardless of using a very old 32-bit version of Mapinfo, up to the latest 64-bit version).For projections such as UTM, MGA, AMG; these are bounded projections and give a precision of 0.005 of a metre (half a centimetre).See the following white paper for a more detailed explanation -

In some cases, such as building plans, this is not sufficient. To increase this, explicit bounds can be defined on a per-table or in a custom coordinate string.

When the precision of a MapInfo Table is increased the reported values when measuring coordinates, distance or area for specified objects will better reflect the true values. The level of precision can be determined by the amount of significant figures for the measured units or coordinate values, and the accuracy of these values when known.

When a MapInfo Table is created the bounds of that Table will generally adopt the projection bounds.

Numerous tools in MapInfo and Discover are available for displaying and altering the MapInfo Table bounds, refer to help documentation for the operation of these tools.

Tools>CoordSys Bounds Manager

Discover>Table Utilities>Alter Map Bounds

From these tools we can observe the default Current Map Bounds for a Table equate to the bounds of the Coordinate system (projection) of the Table.

In the example below the Region Object parameters for the vector object for South Australia were queried.

Original MapInfo Table Bounds
No adjustment made for large map bounds.

Modified MapInfo Table Bounds
Adjustment made, map bounds are the same as data bounds, notice the increased precision for the Bounds and Center values.

NOTE: The only issue if the Current Map Bounds are set to the Current Data Limits will be the truncation of data if digitising is conducted outside the Current Map Bounds.
Therefore,  the Map Bounds may need to be adjusted to accommodate when data is added to the table outside of the current bounds.

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Last Updated on: 9th of February, 2018