How can I transfer my GPinfo licence to another machine?

1. Install and run the GPinfo on the DESTINATION computer and view the Encom Licence Manager. If the software doesn't directly take you to this licensing program it can be accessed from the File>Licence menu option.

2. Click on the Activate Software tab dialog and note the 7-digit Hardware ID located near the top right hand corner.

3. On the computer where your GPInfo licence is CURRENTLY ACTIVE also access the Encom Licence Manager (File>Licensing) and click on the Transfer Licence tab dialog.

4. In Step 1 enter the 7-digit Hardware ID that you noted from the DESTINATION machine (mentioned above) and re-enter the number when prompted.

5. Select GPinfo from the list that becomes active in Step 2.

6. In Step 3 click on the Transfer button and an activation code will be generated. If you choose to notify Encom of this transfer action a copy of the activation code will be emailed to the Encom support team (for backup).

7. You will then need to copy this activation code into the Activate Software dialog of the Encom Licence Manager on the DESTINATION machine.

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