How do I activate a Discover Mobile licence?

1. On the device, start Discover Mobile by tapping Start and then Discover Mobile or select Start>Programs and tap the Discover Mobile icon.

2. You should be prompted for a licence, and the Discover Mobile licence details screen displayed.

3. Complete the Name and Company fields, and then tap the Save button.
The user information is saved by default to DiscMobileLicInfo.txt file in the \My Documents folder on the device.

4. From Windows Explorer on your PC, navigate to the \My Documents folder on the device and copy the DiscMobileLicInfo.txt file from the
device to the desktop PC

5. Attach the DiscMobileLicInfo.txt file to an e-mail and send to

6. By return email, you will receive a licence file from PBS with the filename extension of .LIC.

7. Copy the licence file to the \My Documents folder on the PPC and, if you are using a storage card, copy the same file to the storage card (e.g.
\Disk\Discover Mobile). Storing a copy of the licence file on the storage card is recommended in case the main memory is wiped (e.g. because of a flat battery).

8. Set the device system clock to the current date and time. You can change the date and time by either tapping the date in the device display, or by selecting Start>Settings>System>Clock.

9. Start Discover Mobile by tapping Start>Discover Mobile or by tapping the Start>Programs>Discover Mobile icon. When Discover Mobile starts the licence dialog is displayed.

10. Tap the Load button and select the DiscMobileLic.LIC file. Tap OK to activate the software. If the licence information is valid, the software will be activated and Discover Mobile is now ready for use.

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Last Updated on: 17th of June, 2013