How do I open the Encom Network License Admin console and adjust settings?

To open the Admin console for your network licence server, you can log onto to any client computer that has the Encom software product or Encom License client installed
(NOTE you do not need to remote desktop on-top the server it self to access these settings).

1. Navigate to the Start Menu>All Programs>Encom Programs>Encom License Manager

2. Select the Licensed Software tab

3. Click the Server Administration Console button

4. Enter the password (by default, the server's computer name spelt backwards)

5.The user permissions field can be set for either simply typing in a user name (including domain prefix), so the user may access multiple computers with the client/local software installed.
Or alternatively can be assigned on a per-computer basis by type-in "m=computername"

6. To adjust the default time-out period for a license, simply edit the Max Days column, and enter the number of days.

Note: For distributable licenses that are already borrowed/in use; to refresh the license expiry date the user has to return the license and then borrow it again.

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Last Updated on: 29th of November, 2017