My drillhole project does not get created in Discover 2011.


Discover 2011 now creates a temporary SQL database from your input collar/survey/downhole data TAB files, allowing a massive improvement in cross-section generation and downhole annotation rendering (text labels, histograms, trace shades, etc).

The structure and integrity of this SQL database needs to be robust, hence the comprehensive new data Validation Tool in Discover 2011 (see the Related Article below for much information on this tool).

Drillhole project creation can sometimes fail by either:
 - Failing silently (the project simply doesn't appear in the Drillhole Project list)

 - Displaying an obscure error during the SQL database caching/creation stage (post data validation)

 - Possibly display a "Selected project is missing" error


This issue is resolved in Discover 2012, which now includes more robust checks and fixes.

In Discover 2011, Some common reasons for Drillhole Project creation failure include:

1/. Compulsory validation errors have been ignored
2/. The user does not have Write permissions to core drillhole project directories

3/. Issues with the structure/format of the source project tables.

Compulsory Validation errors have been ignored.

Fundamental source drillhole data issues, such as sample overlaps within a downhole table, missing collar records, EOH depth mismatches, etc, can all cause significant problems in the SQL database. These Compulsory Validation options MUST be resolved; ignoring them may cause project failure.

See the Related Article for detailed information on using the Validation tool and resolving such issues

* The user does not have Write permissions to core drillhole project directories

Check that you have application Write/Editable permissions to BOTH the following directories:

a/. Your Discover Config directory
    (default Windows 7 location C:\ProgramData\Encom\Discover\Config; check via the
    Discover>Config menu option, then the Configuration Files entry).

b/. The Drillhole Project directory
    (where you've specified the location of the collar/survey/downhole data tables
    (Discover must create/write the new SectionLines_projectname file to this location).

* Issues with the structure / format of the source project tables.

a/. If you have multiple Downhole Data tables (assays, lithology, geophysics), ensure that the HoleID, From and To fields:
   - have exactly the same names in each table
   - are the same field types
   - are in the exact same column positions in each table (e.g. columns 1, 2 and 3 for all these tables)

b/. Ensure that the HoleID field in each project table is named the same, and is a character field of the same length.

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Last Updated on: 29th of June, 2012