Unable to connect to license server


I have an Encom (Discover) license server. When I start Discover or the Encom License Manager, I receive an error unable to connect to the license server.
However I have checked the server name and the server is "visible" from my computer (i.e. you can see it in Windows Network explorer).


1) Check that the version of the License Manager on the server matches the version on the client computer

2) Check the the EncomLM service is running on the server computer (Ask your IT admin to check).

3) Check that you are able to "ping" or "telnet" to the license server, by the computer name or IPv4 address you are using.

4) You can used advanced network diagnostic tools such as NMap to confirm if the port is fully open. It must not be in a 'filtered' (I.e. NAT or ICMP set in routers)


And use the Command:
nmap -sT -sV -p 6150 -T4 -A -v --max-retries 1 -Pn -g 6150 SERVERNAME

If the error persists after checking this information, please collect the log files from
a) on the client(s) C:\ProgramData\Encom\EncomLMClient.log
b) on the server please collect all files contained in C:\ProgramData\Encom\

And attach these to your support email to support.discover@dataminesoftware.com

NOTE: If you are able to connect to the license server, but unable to run the Encom softare (borrow or utilise a license seat), then open the Server Administration console from the License Manager (the default password is the server's name reversed).
Then check the Server Status. If it is not "Normal", then a Server Reset Code will need to be applied, then user's will be able to use the licenses available.

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