When I select to open 3D points or attempt to open a session in Discover 3D 2012, it hangs.


When I use the
Create 3D Points option, or open a previous session (containing 3D Points), and click OK on the Dataset fields dialog, Discover 3D hangs loading.


There is a minor issue in Discover3D 2012.0 where it requires a Line Field to be defined for Points datasets.

1. Simply reopen Discover3D (and recover your crashed session)
2. Then select to reload the session/3D points.
3. Then when prompted, populate the line field (with any value) and click OK.

Note the field used does not matter.

Alternatively you can discard the points dataset from the session, by clicking Abort Load.

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04th July 2012 04:37:37 pm

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