Cannot connect a Trimble handheld device via Bluetooth wireless to external sensors/devices, such as portable XRF devices.


When attempting to connect a portable XRF device to a Trimble handheld device via wireless Bluetooth, connection attempts result in 'connection failure' warnings or similar.

* This applies to Trimble devices powered by the Windows Mobile 5, 6 or 6.1 operating systems.
* Field-portable XRF devices include Thermo-Fisher Niton or Olympus Innov-X units.
* This issue may also occur when attempting to connect to certain external GPS devices by Bluetooth.

From the Trimble solution page below:

"Trimble mobile devices are set up to be the host for a Bluetooth wireless technology connection. Some external sensors require that they become the host when pairing with another device. This is not possible with the current Bluetooth configuration."


See this Trimble Solution page for a resolution:

TerraSync Software: Connecting to External Sensors That Require a Host Bluetooth Port Host Bluetooth Port

Installing the file for Trimble mobile devices discussed in the linked solution page will allow the external sensor to become the Bluetooth Host, and the Trimble mobile device becomes the client.

Note: The Trimble solution is also attached as a PDF for convenience.

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Last Updated on: 8th of February, 2013