MapInfo Pro 12.0's new Polybuilder tool


MapInfo Pro 12.0 has incorporated and upgraded Discover's powerful Polybuilder function (for en-masse conversion of digitised linework into clean polygons) into it's Map menu. However this tool may not visible by default.

Discover 2013 users will be prompted to run the MapInfo Pro version of this tool when they select the Discover>Object Editing>Polybuilder menu option.


MapInfo Professional 12.0's new Polybuidler tool may not be loaded by default. To do so:

1/. Go to Tools>Tool Manager menu option.
2/. Scroll down the the 'Polybuilder' entry.
3/. Tick both the Loaded and Autoload options, and press OK.
4/. With a Mapper window foremost, select the Map>Polybuilder menu option.

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