Bing Base Maps no longer works in MapInfo Pro


Occurs on a older version of MapInfo Pro.


1/. Opening a workspace incorporating Bing content returns an error

2/. All HOME>Open>Base Maps (the Bing Aerial, Hybrid, Roads) are inactive / greyed out.

3/. All  and File >Tile Server Maps options are greyed out


The MapInfo Premium component, which enables the Bing functionality, is a seperate license from MapInfo Pro, and is only sold and provided on a annual subscription basis.
Maintained customers will need to apply a patch to re-enable it when it expires.

Bing Maps has a limited license period, which is specific to each version of MapInfo Pro. Bing Maps,the Add Bing Roads to Map and the Move Map to features cease working after this date:

• MapInfo Pro 17.0 on December 31st 2019

• MapInfo Pro 16.0 on December 31st 2017

• MapInfo Pro 15.0 and 15.2 on December 31st 2016

For Discover 2017 users, everyone is eligible for the Discover 2017 Update, which includes MapInfo 17.0 and the Bing license valid until end of 2019, which you can download here. This will also license it for an older version of MapInfo Pro installed on the same computer, such as the 32bit 15.0 version.

If you are unable to install the Dsicover 2017 Update, or still have issues with Bing, contact support and provide your Discover license serial number at

Troubleshooting tip: For most, the patch installs without any issues. You will see a confirmation message. In case it is necessary to check if the utility successfully extended access to the Microsoft Bing™ services then a log file will be created:

PBMSBingServices.log is created if the basic Bing services is updated

PBMSPBingServices.log is created if the Bing Premium service is updated 

The log files are stored in the user’s temp folder. For Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2008 and 2012 this would be: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp.

To run the installer from the command line, please see the attached release notes for details.

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