The MapInfo Discover 2015.0.1 Standalone (32-bit) maintenance release is now available.

April 2016: 

This incremental maintenance release confirms support for Windows 10, as well as a host of minor fixes.

Significant Improvements:
    ENDIS-1190 	Added support for Vulcan compressed triangulation files
 ENDIS-5410 Added support for Windows 10. ENDIS-2682 & ENDIS-3328 Vector Import & Feature Import (3D): Now support Surpac STR file attributes. ENDIS-4140 Legend Editor: Resolved new legends not reading non-native tables.

A complete listing of all enhancements, as well as the many resolved issues in the release can be viewed here.

Product Update download

The MapInfo Discover 2015.0.1 Standalone maintenance release is available for download from :

  Download link 1 - Australian Host

 Download link 2  - US Host

    (35MB zipped MSP file)

This installer includes the 32-bit versions of both MapInfo Discover 2015.0.1 and MapInfo Discover 3D 2015.0.1. It does not include MapInfo Pro.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an incremental maintenance release, and requires a prior complete installation of the MapInfo Discover 2015 Standalone product.

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    Last Updated on: 19th of April, 2016