A MapInfo license error is displayed upon starting the MapInfo Discover Bundle


Some possible causes of invalidating your MapInfo FlexNET license are -

1. You have upgraded to Windows 10, or there has been a feature update to this.

2. You have upgraded your computer’s hardware.

3. Your IT has deleted the contents of C:/ProgramData/FlexNET, or is running some type of virtualized thin client environment which is not supported.

4. You have installed MapInfo 32bit alongside a newer 64bit version, and now receive a -73 error


To resolve these issues 

1) Close all instances of MapInfo Discover

2) Download the file http://web2.encom.com.au/downloads/discover/MapInfoLicenseFix.zip

3) Unzip the files

4) Double click to run MapInfoLicenseFix.exe

5) Click the Fix License button

If the license issue persists, collect the following files -



And all the files in this folder -


And send these files to our technical support team via support.discover@dataminesoftware.com

If Mapinfo is simply 'hanging' while starting, or displaying an error 880002 this solution will resolve it -hile starting, or displaying an error 880002 this solution will resolve it -


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Last Updated on: 30th of May, 2018