A MapInfo license error is displayed upon starting the MapInfo Discover Bundle


Some possible causes of invalidating your MapInfo FlexNET license are -

1. You have upgraded to Windows 10, or there has been a feature update to this.

2. You have upgraded your computer’s hardware.

3. Your IT has deleted the contents of C:/ProgramData/FlexNET, or is running some type of virtualized thin client environment which is not supported.


This solution will only work on Discover 2016 or later.

1) Close all instances of MapInfo Discover

2) Download the file http://web2.encom.com.au/downloads/discover/ResetFlexnet_Fix.zip

3) Unzip the file

4) Double click to run DiscoverMapInfoLicFix.bat to execute the fix.

For Discover 2015 or 2015.2 -

1) Close all instances of MapInfo Discover

2) Download the file http://web2.encom.com.au/downloads/discover/ResetFlexnet_Fix_2015.zip

3) Unzip the file

4) Double click to run DiscoverMapInfoLicFix_2015.bat to execute the fix.

If Mapinfo is simply 'hanging' while starting, or displaying an error 880002 this solution will resolve it -


If the issue persists, please enabled the Mapinfo license logging and collect the PBLicense.log file by following the steps here -


And send this file to our technical support team via support.discover@dataminesoftware.com



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Last Updated on: 6th of February, 2018