The MapInfo Discover 2016.0.1 Bundle (64-bit) maintenance release is now available.

April 2017

  • With this incremental release, GPS co-ordinates and information can now be captured with the Data Entry module. It also resolves some issues with the Drillholes module, as well as a number of other defects:

    • ENDIS-805 - Drillholes > 3D Coordinates tool now only creates rows for HoleIDs that exist in the Collar table.
    • ENDIS-5184 - Transparency of drillhole legends in 3D is now supported.
    • ENDIS-5763 - Analysis > Trivariate Classification now allows custom output file names.
    • ENDIS-6474 - Scaled output now maintains the mapper scale.
    • ENDIS-6485 - The Data Entry > Record Entry and Enter Data tools now correctly populate the target table with GPS-specific information.
    • ENDIS-6491 - Resolved some issues with the Vector Transform tool's handling of DXF files.
    • ENDIS-6519 - Drillholes - Zero collars/DEM/data in a section crashes Create Section.
    • ENDIS-6537 - Fixed an Autoscale error with text labels in Drillholes Downhole Data.
    • ENDIS-6546 - Resolved a crash with the Drillholes 3D Coordinates tool when operating on large drillhole projects.
    • ENDIS-6549 - Favourite Workspaces & Favourite MBXs now support the multiple selection of files using the CTRL key.
    • ENDIS-6569 - Resolved an 'Incorrect 3D clipping results' error with the Drillholes Downhole Object Clip tool.
    • ENDIS-6582 - Resolved the Seismic Sections tool (MapInfo Discover 3D) not opening correctly.

    Product Update download

    The MapInfo Discover 2016.0.1 Bundle maintenance release is available for download from :


    MapInfo Discover 3D 2016.0.1


    This installer includes the 64-bit versions of:

    • MapInfo Discover 2016.0.1 and 
    • MapInfo Discover 3D 2016.0.1.


    • This is an incremental maintenance release, and requires a prior complete installation of the MapInfo Discover 2016 Bundle product (available from here).

    • Note that the MapInfo Pro 16.0.1 64-bit patch is also now available.

      Download via the PRO tab> About > Updates option in MapInfo Pro .

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