How to install/upgrade and activate an Encom License Server

This process applies to both a first time setup of a server, or for the upgrade of an existing server e.g. when a new Discover update is released.

1. Download and install the License Manager software and select the Network Server installation type (see downloads page).
Note a 64-bit server install can be used with 32-bit end user software and vice versa. Technically, the EncomLM service is always a 32-bit process.
Note The server must be installed on a computer separate to the client computer. You will not be able to run any client software on the computer that has been activated for a server

2. Start License Manager from the Windows Start menu by selecting All Programs>Encom Programs>Encom License Manager. The Create License File dialog box is displayed.

3. Type the Company name and click OK. The License Manager is displayed.

4. Select the Activate License tab.

5. Select the Product you are activating.

6. In the Customer No box, type the 7-digit customer number.

7. In the Serial Number box, type the 10-digit serial number. If upgrading an existing license, the serial number is displayed.
Note The serial and customer numbers are supplied with the purchase or upgrade emails. If you do not know your customer number or 
serial number, contact customer support at

8. In the User Name box, type the name of the server admin.

9. In the Email box, type the contact email address. Repeat this in the Confirm Email box.

10. The automatic system cannot process server activations. Select the Manual/Evaluation option and save the request file by
hitting the Save button.

11. Navigate to the activation request saved in C:\ProgramData\Encom and email it to
Note This is a hidden folder so you may need to enable the view hidden folder option in File explorer.

12. When you receive the activation code by email from the manual request, copy and paste it into the Activation Code field.
Note The activation code will only be valid for computer that submitted the request, and for a limited time period (~2 weeks).

13. Click the Activate button. If the activation is successful, the product is now licensed and ready to use.

Note The default Port used by the EncomLM service is TCP 6150. If this port is already in use in your organisation or is blocked by a 
firewall, you will need to select another port for the License Manager to communicate on or open the port on the firewall.

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