Error: Projection system is not supported


In Discover 2017, when I am opening or creating a drillhole projection, there is an error on the Collar table I selected, the tooltip says "Projection system is not supported".


This issue is will be resolved in Discover 2017 Update (MapInfo 17.0) and later. 

Starting from Discover 2016, the Drillhole systems converts your original tab files into geopackage format, this is also available if you got o MapInfo HOME>Save Copy As and change the file type to geopackage.

This limitation of this format, mean it does not support -
1. Affine coordinate systems (the first number value is 100x or 300x)
2. Custom datums or 7 parameter datums (the second number value is >=999)
3. In addition, Latitude/Longitude projections are not supported in the drillhole module

Explicit bounded coordinate systems (the first number value is 200x or 300x) are also not supported, however these are not blocked as the bounds are simply dropped, which will result in some loss of precision.

To workaround, the drillhole collar table will need to be reprojected into a coordinate systems that does use these features.

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Last Updated on: 23rd of January, 2018