MapInfo Pro 17.0.1 Maintenance update released

The MapInfo Pro 17.0.1 first maintenance update for MapInfo Pro 17.0, which was included in Discover 2017 Update.

It contains a number of critical bug fixes including -
  • Data is lost while editing (typing) in browser when .NET version 4.7 is installed.
  • Custom thematic templates from previous versions copied in thematic templates directory are not loading.
  • Loading a MapBasic tool for the first time adds a menu into the LEGACY tab. Closing the tool removes this menu but reloading the tool fails to add the menu again in the LEGACY tab.

To download this update, go to PRO>About>Updates, which will direct you to this website -

Use the Maintenance Update link, and sign up for a new PB store digital river account. It does not require credit card or payment details.

Note the file size is 2.1GB as it is a full install, not a patch. Previously Pitney Bowes MapInfo created separate installs for each language version of MapInfo Pro. Now this install includes Japanese, German and French.

After downloading this zip file -

1. Unzip the contents
2. Double click to run Setup.exe
3. You will be prompted to uninstall 17.0 first, select Yes at this prompted

4. Click Next to proceed through the install accepting defaults.

5. At the Customer Information step, when you click next you will receive an error message -

6. Close this error and select the option Check here if you are installing an evaluation copy. Then you will be able to click Next and proceed.

7. Once the installation is finished, continue to run the Datamine Discover 2017 Update from the shortcut on your desktop or start menu.

The file associations (double click a TAB or WOR file in explorer) will not work. Download the attachment, and double click each file and select Yes to add the changes to your registry.

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