Advice for setting up workplaces to be shared on a network or cloud drive


I have a my GIS data and workspaces saved in a folder. This is stored on a network drive, or a cloud drive such as Dropbox, Onedrive etc.

How can I setup my workspaces, so that other user can open them without error?


By default MapInfo Pro has logic to save a workspace with either absolute paths, or relative.
If you save a workspace in a folder, with all referenced TAB files in sub-folders below the .WOR file, then the file paths will automatically be relative (such as .\GISData\

Alternatively you can use the Discover tool, DISCOVER>Workspaces>Workspace Editor. This has the option to Set All Paths Relative, regardless of where the are stored.

Finally, when opening a workspace you can define a folder to search. Note, this may take a long time to search if you reference a folder that has a large number of files and sub folders.
You can set this under PRO>Options>System>Directories. Set the Search Directories for Tables, to add folders where the tables should be found, such as the network or cloud folders.

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Last Updated on: 14th of December, 2018